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Engineering, Design, Manufacturing, Consultancy

Design -

Using up to date 3D software, designs can be rapidly generated. Wide ranging experience in design of electro-mechanical devices, fabrication, hydraulics, consumer products, special tools, automation and conceptual design.


Multi-physics analysis, stress analysis, FEA.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing, Rapid casting of Aluminium, Prototype plastic injection moulding, Soft tooled parts.


Machining and assembly. Milling, Turning, Fabricating, Grinding, Honing, EDM, Electro Plating, Surface protection.

Supply Chain - 

Supplier Identification, Audit and Selection. 

New Product Development

Helping innovators and businesses bring new products to market, using a number of development phases. These include idea generation, screening, testing the market, prototyping, validation and manufacture. 

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